Aloe and Rosemary Cleansing Facial Lotion for Men step 1

Aloe and Rosemary Cleansing Facial Lotion for Men step 1

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Aloe and Rosemary Cleansing Facial Lotion for Men

Step 1

We must cleanse our face well if we wish to limit the impact of the environment on our skin including: sun that burns, pollution that contaminates, sweat that damages, oils that weaken, and of course, stress and fatigue which can cause rashes or breakouts.

We have to take care of our skin in order to preserve its brightness and purity.

By using the Aloe and Rosemary Cleansing Facial Lotion from Soi-Bio daily, you will eliminate undesirable residue and excess oils while preserving your skin’s freshness.  Your face will also be ready for shaving. 

The aloe vera gel that Soi-Bio uses contains 99% organic aloe vera.  It is a treasure from the desert as it is hydrating, calming, healing, and refreshing.   In addition, it is unscented and does not contain any artificial colours.

The presence of camphor and alpha-pinene, which contains rosemary essential oil, help nourish your skin and improve circulation.   Both encourage the healing and regeneration of your skin.

Green clay purifies the skin, regenerates facial tissue and tightens pores.  It helps in the fight against premature aging and red blotches that appear on the skin.  It also reduces wrinkles.

Usage: Apply the lotion on face and neck, morning and evening.  Massage using a small amount of water.  Rinse with water or with the Rosemary Hydrator (NAME OF PRODUCT?) from Soi-Bio. This lotion may be used with all skin types.

Ingredients/INCI: *Gel Aloes/*Aloe barbadensis gel, Eau/Water/Aqua, decyl glucoside/sugar foam, Huile/Oils/Olus(*Amande*Almond/*Prunus amygdalus), glycerine végétale/vegetable glycerin, sodium benzoate,  argile verte/Green Clay/French green montmorillonite, xanthan gum, vitamine E/tocopherol, potassium sorbate. Huiles essentielles: Romarin/Rosemary/Rosmarinus officinalis, laurier noble/laurel/laurus nobilis Essential oils.

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