Clay Purifying Face Mask

Clay Purifying Face Mask

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Clay Purifying Face Mask

Purity, freshness and radiance.

This mask comforts and purifies, refines the skin's texture and leaves it matte and soft. It does not dry and rinses easily. It is suitable for even the most delicate of skins.

Well-known for improving the skin’s firmness, even of the most sensible ones, clay helps regulate sebum’s secretion, tightens pores and removes impurities. Therefore, clay is the ideal beauty product for oily skins with pimples or black heads, on which it will act as a very soft peeling.

Clay has a natural tensing effect (natural lifting), making it an excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-aging care. Green clay, and white clay even more, softens, purifies and deeply cleans the skin, leaving only a refreshed soft face.

How to use: Mix 1 table spoon of the mask into the palm of your hand with a little hydrosol of your choice or water, and apply a thin layer on your face. Leave for about 5 minutes, then rinse. Use 1 to 2 times a week.

Ingredient/INCI: Clay: pink,green and white. Kaolin, zinc oxide.


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