Damascus Rose Hydrosol bio Sprayer

Damascus Rose Hydrosol bio Sprayer

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Rose Hydrosol

Rose hydrolate reduces redness and decongests the pores of the skin. Its tonic smell will release fatigue signs that often appear throughout the day.

Rose hydrosol, or rose water, has been considered for a very long time for its nourishing and soothing proprieties. It is appropriate for sensitive or dry skins. Its discreet rose smell also brings a calming effect on the soul.

Its high vitamin C content is ideal for collagen synthesis and protection against the free radicals that induce skin aging. Rose water blurs dark spots and lines.

Rose essence contains molecules acting on skin cells. It is therefore

  • soothing;
  • invigorating;
  • moisturizing, important for skin elasticity ;

Rose water is in fact hydrosol. It is the result of the first distillation of the flower’s petals. The concentration of the essence is thus small, but nonetheless of the best quality. Very little essential oil is obtained from the flower, around 0,2%. In the hydrosol, there is only water and the plant itself. Risks of allergic reaction are then minimal. Rose water also easily soothes the discomfort of a dry or difficult skin. It reduces skin redness and its anti inflammatory action is very effective against sunburns. It has an astringent action and reduces the appearance of skin pores.

Directions: All the time! Rose water is ideal in the morning; it smoothly awakens your skin. It prepares it before the application of your day cream and makeup.

Little advice: Keep it in the fridge, so it stays fresh as long as possible. It will even improve its freshness and comforting effect. It a must try!

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