Essential oils Deodorant (aluminum Free)

Essential oils Deodorant (aluminum Free)

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Essential oils Deodorant 

This deodorant will certainly meet your highest expectations in preventing embarrassing odors throughout the day, whether it is an active, sportive or relaxing one.

What are the differences between and antiperspirant and a deodorant?

There are two major facts to consider about sweat: it is essential made of water and it has no smell. That’s right! The unpleasant smell that may occur is due to bacteria living on or in our skin. Antiperspirants are conceived to take action against moisture, stopping the whole sweating process, whereas deodorant are effective by modifying the smell produced by the bacteria.

This all-natural deodorant is made to stop odors while letting the body naturally evacuate its toxins.

Ingredients: amaranth starch, .*Shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, c*oconut butter, *coconut oil. Cymbopopogon martinii, lavandula x burnatii, pelargonium x asperum var.

Pure *Sodium bicarbonate does not contain aluminum. Our sodium bicarbonate is 100% pure.

Directions : Apply thin layer to underarms.

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