Exfoliating Soap Face MEN

Exfoliating Soap Face MEN

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For you Gentlemen, here is our Exfoliating Soap Face Clay and Essential Oils Shaving Soap. Use it to clean your face and for lathering up your beard before shaving. 

Absorbing and strongly detoxifying, our soap will capture all the pollutants and toxins that accumulate on your skin throughout the day, including all the environmental air pollutants and chemical residues from other cosmetics, but also toxins excreted by you skin.

Purifying, it will cleanse your skin and absorb all the bacteria.

Ingrédients /INCI: Eau/water/aqua, Huiles/Oils(*noix coco/coconut/Cocos nucifera, palme/palm/*olive/oliveoleum), hydroxyde de sodium, argile verte/Green Clay/French green montmorillonite, charbon/activated charcoal. Huiles essentielles : eucalyptus, anis/anise/Pimpinella anisum Essantial oils.


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