Slimming concentrated oil firms and refines

Slimming concentrated oil firms and refines

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Concentrated slimming oil from Soi-Bio

Does your skin have the texture of an orange? Is your skin dimpled? Do you have excess skin?   Without a doubt, it is cellulite.  Would you like to fight cellulite and reduce its appearance?

There is a way to do it with CONCENTRATED SLIMMING OIL from Soi-Bio that firms and refines as it targets areas prone to cellulite.

The carefully selected essential oils in this formula are important allies in the fight against all types of cellulite.   This effective formula visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite in approximately four weeks by vigorously massaging the areas with cellulite twice a day.  The CONCENTRATED SLIMMING OIL is ideal for daily massages to problem areas in order to reshape the silhouette.

Grapefruit essential oil reduces water retention.

Grape seed oil is 100% natural and firms your skin.

Results: Reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin that has the texture of an orange. Cellulite will be less visible.  

In order for your skin to best absorb the CONCENTRATED SLIMMING OIL from Soi-Bio, try the massage brush also available from Soi-Bio.

Directions: Apply this oil only on areas prone to cellulite (no larger than a dessert plate).  Do not use all over body.  Carefully avoid the face and make sure to wash hands well after application.

It is also advised to drink a lot of water, exercise, and maintain a diet low in sugar.

120 ml

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