Beauty Routine

How to identify your skin type?

It is important to identify your personal skin type before choosing your products.

This is not always easy, as each skin is different and changes over time. External factors such as air pollution or cosmetic components can influence the texture of the skin. But diet, stress, genetic predispositions or aging also contribute to changing your skin type.

Combination skin or dry skin? Normal skin, impure or sensitive skin? Each skin has its own characteristics. Here you will find valuable information that will help you determine your skin type.

Skin can generally be classified into 5 types:

Here are the steps we suggest for a daily beauty routine:


Twice per day, morning and night.
A thorough cleanse clears your skin of oil and debris that can lead to clogged pores and dullness. It also prepares your complexion for further treatment, making it easier for your skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients in the rest of your routine. Whether you choose an oil, balm, gel or cream cleanser will depend on your skin type and the concerns you hope to address.

2Facial mist, hydrosol or floral water.

Twice a day, morning and evening.
Spray the face with a floral lotion (floral water) for dry to normal skin which will allow better hydration and better penetration of the products. Unlike the alcohol-based tonics of the past, Soi-Bio facial hydrosols boost the effectiveness of your cleanser by adding regenerating ingredients that support the health of your skin. Cleansing and toning work together like shampoo and conditioner - both steps help keep skin as healthy as possible.


Once or twice a week.
Exfoliation is essential for promoting healthy cell renewal in the skin, removing build-up and relieving pore congestion.


Once or twice per week.
An additional treatment to indulge in is a face mask. Applying a hydrating mask for dry to normal skin twice a week will nourish, soothe and deeply hydrate the skin. Apply the mask after an exfoliation. Do not forget to apply your moisturizer and a good dose of serum after the mask for the best effect!

5Treat: Serum, Concentrate or Facial Oil

Your daily routine should include a facial serum, concentrate, or oil. These powerful formulas contain concentrated amounts of ingredients to target specific concerns in your skin. 2-3 drops of dry to combination skin serum on face, neck and upper chest. Applying the serum before the cream will "lock in" moisture for a long lasting effect. Use 1 to 2 times a day depending on your needs.


Twice per day, morning and night.
Your need for hydration and the time of year will determine how many times a day and which cream you should apply! Note that the night cream can also be applied in the morning. The difference between day and night cream is that the night cream is richer and contains an effect to reduce wrinkles and hydrate the skin.

7Eye Care

Twice per day, morning and night.
Some areas require a lighter touch. The skin around your eye area is seven times thinner than the rest of your face and needs to be treated with special care. Regular eye cream application not only maintains the health, thickness and elasticity of this delicate area, it also reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

8Body Care

Daily, or as required.
Skin care doesn't end at your decollete. The rest of your body can also display areas of discomfort depending on your skin type and skin concerns. Extend your skin care routine by applying nutrient-rich body products that keep your skin looking strong and youthful from head-to-toe.