Anti-Shine Matifying Face Detox

Anti-Shine Matifying Face Detox

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Matifying Face Detox Lotion 

The Matifying Face Detox Lotion will help unify your skin, with its active natural ingredients bringing you the ultimate comforting sensation.

The aloe gel it contains has a very powerful regenerative effect on the cells. It also has polysaccharides (acemannan et cellulose) with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It will truthfully help soothe and heal your epidermis.

Zinc oxide contained in this cream is a soft astringent. It is a skin-drying agent and can act as an anti-inflammatory. Zinc is also a trace element deeply needed by the body for its collagen synthesis, an essential component in healing skin wounds.

Ingredients: Water/Aqua, Aloe gel, zinc oxide. Melaleuca alternifolia, eucalyptus radiata, rosmarinus officinalis, mentha spicata, cedrus atlantica Essantial oils.

50 ml

Directions for oily acne prone skin:

Wash face and neck skin with Mint Cleansing Face Lotion, and rinse thoroughly with water or Rosemary hydrosol. On slightly wet skin (stratum corneum soaking*), twice a day (preferably in the morning and before bed), apply a thin layer on the face and neck.

*The stratum corneum soaking is a process that helps humidify your skin minutes before receiving the appropriate care, may it be your serum, day or night cream. That way, your skin’s cells are soaked with hydrosol (floral water), which allows them to fully absorb the treatment and retain all its benefits.

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