Juniper Smooth Cleansing lotion

Juniper Smooth Cleansing lotion

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Juniper Smooth Cleansing lotion

The Juniper Smooth cleansing lotion cleans and removes makeup in one single move. Perfectly clean, your skin will find back its smoothness and elasticity. It will get rid of all blemishes and traces of makeup.

With touches of Juniper, this lotion’s formula has a smooth and refreshing feeling. The green clay within has a strong absorbing power and many antiseptic qualities. All of nature’s intelligence is found in this product. Its invigorating virtues are reinforced by the presence of organic mint essential oil.

Directions: Apply on skin morning and night, lathering with water. You can either rinse with water and/or wash off the surplus with a cleansing cloth soaked with your favorite hydrosol. 


Juniper hydrosol: Purifying, it will gently clean your skin.

Xanthan gum: Natural matter obtained by bacterial fermentation in an environment rich in sugar, azote and various mineral salts.

Green Clay: Very absorbing and mostly recommended for oily acne prone skin.


Aloe Gel: Great cleanser and nourishing to the skin.

Argan Oil: Argan oil contains more than 75% of unsaturated fatty acids, therefore providing an amazing healing and regenerative action on your skin. Full of vitamin E, sterols and phenolic compounds, it also alleviates the signs of premature aging and skin sagging. Argan oil is a precious product, highly praised for its nourishing and toning effect on skin. It is suitable for all skin types, but particularly beneficial to dry and dehydrated ones.

Decyl-glycoside (sugar foam): Gentle surfactant and eco-friendly, both in its creation process and biodegradation.

Essential oils: menthe spicata, cinnamosma fragrans, gaultheria fragrantissima, mentha x piperita


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