Splash coconut & lime Lip Balm BIO

Splash coconut & lime Lip Balm BIO

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Splash coconut & lime Lip Balm

The Cacao Butter and Lime essential oil Lip Balm is a delicious product that will repair and protect one of the most delicate parts of you skin.

From the very first use, you will fully feel its benefits thanks to its all-natural ingredients. You can use it as much as you please. This lip balm is also a great mask that can be used just before bed. It will nourish and moisturize your lips all through the night. Nighttime is the most efficient period for cutaneous regeneration.

Ingredients: *Cacao butter, *Apricot kernel oil, *Shea butter, candellila wax, vitamin E. Lime Essential oils. Coconut organic fragrance.

*Ingredients from organic farming

Cacao butter

It has a protective effect on skin, as well as a softening and calming action. It is highly recommended for dry skins. It also has a sweet chocolaty aroma.


Directions: As much as desired. Apply thin layer on lips. They will keep their youthful appearance due to the immediate hydration of this lip balm.

Apply a thin layer just before bed for a regenerative effect.

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