Bye Bye Bobo Ointment

Bye Bye Bobo Ointment

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Bye Bye Bobo Ointment

The Bye Bye Bobo Ointment is an essential anti-infectious that should be found in every green pharmacy!

It is useful for major or minor injuries, scratches, scrapes or mosquito bites itching or not. This ointment is suitable for both children and adults (1 year and older).

You will love the soothing feeling of this magic formula.

Directions: Apply a thin layer on a well-cleaned injury and cover with a bandage.

Ingredients/INCI : Oils/Oil : Calendula/Olea europaea, Almond/Prunus amygdalus, lavanda angustifolia, melaleuca alternifolia, thuya occidental.

VEGAN - 30g

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